When I had a corporate job, I was a really good HR professional except for one thing: I don’t speak corporate.  Well, I’m fluent, but it’s not my language of choice.

I speak “people.”  I don’t speak water-cooler chat.  I seek deeper relationships.  I don’t do PowerPoint karaoke. Turns out I’m a really good consultant and coach because I say what people are thinking but not saying – the things that are often avoided at work but still need to be said.

For example, you’re a manager who needs to give negative feedback without demoralizing your staff.  Or you need to speak up about problems but you’re not sure how to do it without shooting your career in the foot.  Or you grew up like me, never allowed to say anything that wasn’t nice and now you struggle to identify the truth, let alone speak it.

I help people confront the hard stuff and speak up.  Whether it’s giving negative feedback to a staff member, working out a conflict with a peer, or dealing with your neighbor who mowed your grass and killed it, I help you express yourself without leaving a wake of death and destruction.  You can learn how to speak up in tough situations and come out clean.

Before founding my speaking and coaching business in 2005 (I’ve coached and trained over 2,000 people since then), I practiced Human Resources management for twelve years. I’ve earned a bachelors degree, a certificate of HR Management from UCSC and I completed Coach training and a leadership program with the Coaches Training Institute.  I’m trained by the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz and the School of Hard Knocks.  In 2016 I completed Heroic Public Speaking graduate school with Michael and Amy Port.  I’m a solo-performer who makes Barbies walk and talk.

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