I’ve tried to come up with a catchy phrase that makes it super clear what I do. “Speaking People” is one version. Many of my clients are in management roles but their real love is in their “technical” skills. Marketing, sales, accounting, engineering, you name it. These managers often find that the technical skills that got them this far aren’t so helpful when they need to deal with people issues. That’s where I come in.

I’m a performance management geek.  You want to talk about SMART goals? Performance feedback? Evaluations that work? Problem-solving? That’s MY expertise.  Not the kumbaya circle, let’s have an ice cream social, we’re a big happy family kind of people stuff.  This is about implementing practical skills and structures to treat employees with respect and get good results.  Then we can celebrate with highly-sugared frozen dairy products.

Before founding my speaking and coaching business in 2005 (I’ve coached and trained over 2,000 people since then), I practiced Human Resources management for twelve years. I’ve earned a bachelors degree, a certificate of HR Management from UCSC and I completed Coach training and a leadership program with the Coaches Training Institute.  I’m trained by the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz and the School of Hard Knocks.  In 2016 I completed Heroic Public Speaking graduate school with Michael and Amy Port.  I’m a solo-performer who makes Barbies walk and talk.

Let’s talk live!   770-675-8580 (office) or 831-588-6191 (cell).


E-mail: info@silverbusinesssolutions.com