What’s a “tricky situation”?

Example:  A growing company employs managers with little or no management training.  I deliver workshops teaching practical management skills and conduct follow on coaching so they apply what they learned.  The SVP HR sees the next round of written performance reviews delivered with higher quality and substance.

Example:  A mature company has not given consistent performance reviews for some time.  I work with the leadership to establish goals for performance management, teach the managers how to implement ongoing practices (not theories), and oversee the implementation of a new performance review process.  Employees report that they have wanted a review for a long time and feel appreciated in receiving one.

Example:  Two directors who work together closely for a non-profit organization have fallen into conflict.  They have different work styles and rub each other the wrong way which causes delays in results.  I facilitate conflict resolution with them.  They gain a better understanding of each other and execute an agreement to repair their working relationship.

I care about the people in businesses.  Not the happy crappy “I’m a people person!” stuff.  Rather, I promote clean, straightforward organization, communication, planning, problem solving, and evaluation.  Managers have the biggest influence over people in their groups – their performance, their well-being at work, their engagement, and the quality of the working relationship between employee and manager, so that’s usually where I start. The Gallup report from the 1980s still holds:  Employees join companies and they leave managers.

I want to be one of the top trusted advisors in your small to medium size company.  With my background in Human Resources (13 years) and experience with over 2,000 managers in many companies as a consultant (13 years), continuous professional development, public speaking and stage work, and surviving two years in Atlanta, I bring a unique point of view and set of skills to support your people management efforts.  When people are treated well and performance is managed well, your bottom line is directly and positively impacted (and it goes the other way too).

You’ll feel better after you talk with me.  That’s what my clients say anyway.


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