Are you ready to lead a team of people Fearlessly?
You're in the right place!
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Are you ready to lead a team of people boldly?
You're in the right place!

Have you had it up to here trying to balance business results and tricky people stuff?
Does your blood pressure rise at the thought of dealing with people who aren’t getting along?
How about annual performance reviews or good performers with bad behavior? You are not alone.

Leaders at all levels want to be successful, just like you. But, where there are people, there are people problems. Problems take time and effort to solve. It can be exhausting just thinking about it.

I can help. Let’s work together to solve management problems in a private setting so you can get great results and be the leader you want to be, without all the pain.

Download my free Delegating tool and make your life as a leader just a little easier.

"As a new manager, the performance coaching development program has been a very positive experience. I now have a much stronger set of tools that have already benefited me. I have navigated some difficult performance situations with great success and clearer communication. Christine’s thoughtful guidance has been a huge plus for me as a manager."

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    Fourteen years ago, I took a class at a tiny local theater. The goal was to create and then perform, a ten-minute monologue, which would happen on the last day of the class in front of an invitation-only audience. Our instructors - actors and improv people - led our group of eight through many exercises […]
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    People complain about how much time they spend in meetings, how little work they get done because of meetings, and how frustrating it is to be present in those meetings. It's been eighteen years since I had an inside job so I'm empathetic but haven't lived it for a good while.But now I'm involved with […]
  • Stop Being Nice October 10, 2023
    Don't be nice to your employees.Just don't.I wonder what you thought about when reading those two short lines. It doesn't sound very positive, does it? The word nice can mean so many things. One dictionary listing defines it as "Pleasing and agreeable in nature." Well, I can tell you I was raised to be pleasing and […]