There are sports coaches, life coaches, health coaches – all kinds of coaches. Just about anyone can say “I’m a coach.” But what does it mean?

I’m quirky but practical so here’s my take on it: As much as US culture reveres rugged individuality, humans cannot go it alone. Everybody needs somebody, whether it’s a community, partner, spiritual leader, or friend. In business (this is where I come in), leaders have it especially rough because, unlike their teams who have each other, they are often on their own. Not a good idea to barf up whatever is on your mind to your employees (although it happens too often). Leaders are sometimes expected to know everything about leading people, without much or any training or development. Or the organization only rewards hands-on work by the leader without acknowledging the skill and effort that go into leading people.

A good coach is a listener, reflector, sounding board, advisor, teacher, accountability partner, problem solver, and champion. One of the best compliments I ever received was along the lines of, “You’re an empathetic listener but you don’t let me off the hook.” A current client says I’m their sanity. Another says they find clarity in their thoughts and plans when we talk. I’ve coached and trained over 2,000 people.

I love a good mess so some clients come to me to help sort sticky people problems or tackle performance management issues. Some find it lonely at the top and don’t want to make decisions in isolation. Some want to build their conflict resolution skills. With a background in HR and thousands of hours working with leaders at all levels, I’ve got a solid foundation in people.

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When you work with me, you work with me.  I tend to your business personally.