5 Tips for managers of remote staff

Posted on Mar 10 2020
The current health crisis has caused many organizations to send people home to work. Your business still...

5-Star Game

Posted on Sep 24 2018
There’s a trend in measuring “customer satisfaction” – the 5-Star Game.  It happened at...

“One Year to Live” (or How Google Changed Everything)

Posted on Aug 16 2018
It’s October 1, 2017 and I’m visiting Eugene, Oregon to see if I want to live there.  After four...

Aaarrggh, meetings!

Posted on May 11 2018
I must rant about meetings. Leaders talk all the time about efficiency and productivity and the bottom...

Stop Trying to Figure It OUT!

Posted on Aug 31 2017
An employee, who up to this point has done a good job, starts making mistakes. The manager reaches the...

What Are You Paying Managers To Do?

Posted on Aug 02 2017
People tell me things. They tell me what happens at work. The difficult situations that come up with...

Blowing Bubbles

Posted on Apr 19 2017
In a recent post about Triathlon I talked about learning how to swim at age 40 so I could race.  My...

Hooked on Adrenaline

Posted on Apr 10 2017
a·dren·al·ine əˈdren(ə)lən/ noun a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, especially in conditions...

Come in, we’re open

Posted on Apr 03 2017
Have you heard of “Speaking Circles“?  It’s “public speaking with ease and...

How Management is like Triathlon

Posted on Mar 20 2017
A triathlon is a three-sport race:  Swim, Bike, Run.  Always in that order.  Many triathletes begin...

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