Christine Silver speaks up for speaking up. Christine opens the kimono on what happens for real people, sharing her own experiences and those of the thousands of people she has coached and trained. Her audiences gain practical guidance to help them show courage and take right action during difficult situations – giving performance feedback, dealing with conflict, running contentious meetings, starting a business, or reinventing yourself.

In her keynote, “Eyeball to Eyeball” Christine reveals the conversations we have in our heads and how to make sense of them.  She will help you understand why so many people avoid speaking up in difficult situations. Then she makes the scary people-stuff easier to work with through her straightforward and irreverent approach to the topic.

After hearing Christine you’ll feel prepared to do the things many won’t do – give feedback that helps, solve people problems and misunderstandings, and resolve conflict, without anyone being poked in the eye.

  • You’ll learn easy-to-use templates for speaking up well in charged situations
  • You’ll take away super-simple listening techniques so people know you’re really paying attention, not just waiting to talk
  • You’ll learn how problems solving skills can be applied to people issues so you find a fix not a fight
  • You’ll receive simple tools to resolve conflicts without psychological game playing
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