Christine’s keynotes and workshops lead audiences through easy-to-implement strategies for dealing with the hard stuff – performance problems, conflicts, or speaking up in tense situations.  Participants gain skills to talk about the things we avoid talking about so they can be resolved.

Performance Workshops

Christine’s eight-week solo performing program transforms your fear of speaking in front of an audience so you can confidently deliver a 10-minute unique monologue.  Currently offered in the greater Atlanta area.

One-to-one coaching programs

Individual coaching for those want privacy and custom support.

Management coaching:  A process that helps you get good performance results and have a life. If you avoid giving negative feedback, if you wonder why delegating isn’t working, if you’re cleaning up the messes and wondering where your time goes – this coaching will give you freedom from the frustration.

SpeakUp coaching:  A process that helps you express yourself truthfully and with confidence.  If you dread giving a presentation, avoid speaking your ideas in meetings, or take a different hallway so you don’t have to talk to your colleague – this coaching will give you practical skills that will have people asking, “Are you a naturally good speaker or did you have to learn it?”