Packages and A la Carte Services Offered

“The Big Kahuna”

All it takes is one key employee to leave (unwanted turnover) and it costs you a minimum of $50,000.  Oh it won’t show up as a line item on your financials but don’t fool y’sef (say it with a southern accent).   Integrate the right performance management practices in your organization and keep your best people so they can be productive and make the business strong and successful.  That’s why you have them.  (And dude, if that’s not why you have them, we really need to talk.)

The Big Kahuna is the full package.  I work with Human Resources to collaborate the blending of my proven performance management system with your existing system.  We customize it and roll out the changes with a minimum of distraction and disruption to your workforce.

I consult with HR and we work our magic together.

HR receives special training.

We create the plan and communication.

I train your managers in my proven system in one workshop.

I coach each of them for reinforcement and accountability.

We have a roundtable for follow up learning and reinforcement.

You conduct your annual formal performance reviews.

The goal is “No Surprise Reviews” and positive morale among your keepers.  Performance problems are handled the right way.

Timeframe: 9 months to 1 year

Cost: $40,000


“The DIY Option”

You still want performance handled properly, the keepers motivated, the problems solved, but you don’t want a consultant mucking around in your system?  No problem. This option is for you.

HR handles the integration and embedding.

I do project consultation and communication support.

I train your managers, do the reinforcement coaching, and the roundtable.

The goal is the same.  No-surprise reviews.  You make money, you save money, you stay outta jail.

Timeframe:  6 months

Cost: $25,000


“Executives Only, Please”

You like being the influencers and would rather start with the trickle-down effect.  Great! I like starting with you, too.

In this option, I work with the top executives (4 – 6) over the course of a year.  Quarterly, we gather for a half-day roundtable.  I teach you the performance management system and each time we meet, we do a deep dive into one of the core skills.  You come to each roundtable prepared to report out on your efforts and results. Each executive receives two private coaching sessions with me.  And I’m a butt-kicker.

You will still achieve no-surprise reviews, but it comes from you mentoring and managing your next tier managers and supervisors, and any direct reports.

Timeframe:  One year

Cost: $15,000


“The CEO Package”

The CEO is the bottom liner and the tone setter.  You want to create an overall organizational culture that supports your business.  You want the people-managers in your business to exert the right influence on your employees even when you’re not looking.  You want to improve results and manage risk and you know it starts with you.

I work with you twice a month for 45 minutes for six months.  You have unlimited email access between sessions. You’re able to speak freely without driving your spouse crazy or accidentally spilling to your direct reports.  We solve problems, reinforce good practices, and refine your leadership.  (I’m still a butt-kicker)

Timeframe:  Six months

Cost:  $2,500


“A la Carte”

Custom 360 degree reviews:

We agree on the area to ask about, I collect the input and actually talk with the respondents to gain observations not just opinions. (Anonymous surveys are semi-useless to useless)  I write a report that reflects the input frequency and types of feedback without highlighting individuals (this keeps the emphasis where it should be: on the feedback not on the source).  We review it together and create a development plan.

Timeframe:  One to two months

Cost:  $1,000 (not $999 – I know you’re not falling for that)


More good stuff:

Conflict mediation (pairs and groups)

Team development

One on one coaching

One on one coaching for problem people

Tutorials for stragglers

Organizational and individual goal setting


Call me.  We’ll see if we’re a good fit and take it from there.  831-588-6191