Be the leader you want to be, without all the pain.


I offer one on one coaching for leaders at all levels. This is a blend of listening, problem-solving, training, and accountability. What does good look like for you as a leader? That’s where we start. You bring your management issues to the calls and we work together to create solutions. I teach you the good management practices as needed. You have a confidential sounding board and can let your hair down. Each session ends with you making a commitment about the next steps you’ll take. Like shampooing, repeat.

“I do give feedback.
But the fix doesn’t last. What do I do?”
“Two of my top people have tension.
Should I intervene or leave it alone?”


You can learn to resolve conflict and I can teach you. When you need a mediator/facilitator to support the effort, I do that too. The method is based on the principles taught by the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz (CA), the fabulous materials in Crucial Conversations, the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, and the school of hard knocks. The parties do the work with the structure and support of a facilitator (that would be me) versus an arbitrator, who tells the parties what to do (not me). Here’s a tip: the conflicting parties must be fully willing to come to the table to work it out with each other – not because they’re given an ultimatum.

Organizational & Individual Goals

I live for goal setting! After 20 years working with organizations, I see way too much time wasted on useless goal-setting efforts. What does “good” look like for the person, group, or CEO who’s on the hook for it? I can show you how to define this. The benefits include employees at all levels taking real responsibility for their results, uncomplicated measurement devices to check progress and results, and more realism built in to planning performance. I’m a badass goal facilitator.

“I don’t have time to hold hands –
people need to get their work done.
How do I do that
without being a micromanager?”



I help solve management problems in a private setting so you can get great results and be the leader you want to be, without all the pain.
Additional services and discussion topics that I offer include:

• Performance feedback and problem solving

• Performance evaluations and planning

• Leading other leaders

• Management practices like delegating,
one on one meetings, and goal setting

• Meeting management and facilitation

• Communication strategies

• Change management

• Relationship building

• Team leadership

• Decision making models

• Organizational structure