A person I consider to be hip pointed out that my use of the phrase “What Up?” is old school.  It took me awhile to adopt it and I guess I was late.  The new phrase is “What’s Good?”  I’m not ready to give up on “What Up” just yet, but I’m thinking “What’s Good” is a good way to go.

We need some good.
What if we replaced the word “bad” with the word “good” in some of the conversations today?  “How bad is it going for you?” would be “How good is it going for you?”  “What’s the worst (bad) that can happen?” would become “What’s the best (good) that can happen?”  And so on.  We humans seem programmed to assume the bad.  In any situation, “what’s the bad that will come of it” seems to be the default.
Someone recently asked, “What good will come of this?”  If you look, you will find.
My work as a consultant is slower than in the past right now.  “That’s bad!” you might say.  No, that’s good!  It’s giving me time, a commodity people complain about not having enough of to live their lives.  
Some clients who have used my services in the past aren’t doing so right now.  “That’s bad!”  No, that’s good!  It makes me evaluate my services, my price point, my marketing efforts.  No more gravy train.
A friend mentioned her home value had plummeted.  “That’s bad!”  No, that’s good, she said – she had her property reassessed and her property taxes went down.
I gained 10 pounds.  OK, that’s bad.