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About Me

Hello, I’m Christine, your ally in navigating people problems.

Throughout my extensive career in Human Resources and over 18 years as a business trainer and coach, I’ve learned one crucial lesson: the work itself may be challenging, but it’s the people-related issues that can truly disrupt progress. Miscommunications, performance hitches, and interpersonal conflicts – these are the things that cause distress and hinder productivity.

With more than two decades of focusing on these areas, I have equipped myself with a set of practical, straightforward tools that facilitate clear communication and foster healthy management practices. I bring to the table my training and experience in Conflict Mediation, leadership coaching with Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and a relentless commitment to ongoing professional development.

In the span of my career, I’ve had the privilege of training and coaching thousands of individuals across various industries, helping managers cultivate effective teams and improve their working relationships.

My approach is human-centered. I’m here to listen and solve problems, and I certainly don’t operate like a robot.

However, it’s not all business. I come from a lineage of hardworking, unique individuals who weren’t afraid to be themselves (my grandmother, for instance, fancied wearing a Keystone Kops hat and full beard!). My background is rooted in their resilience and a relentless pursuit of learning and growth, underscored by a Bachelor’s degree, numerous certifications, leadership programs, public speaking training, coaching school, and plenty of stage work.

Before starting my own venture and stepping onto the conference room circuit of the California bay area, I began my journey in Human Resources as a recruiter. I ascended the ranks in the usual way until I realized that traditional roles were not my calling. This shift led me to a successful management training business consultant, who became my mentor. Now based in Eugene, Oregon, I utilize my wealth of skills, education, and experience as a private coach.

Yes, I’m still quirky after all these years and it’s this unique combination of professionalism, authenticity, and a hint of eccentricity that makes my coaching approach relatable and effective.

If you’re dealing with people problems, I’m here to help.

Watch as CEO Ken and his executive team attempt to discuss company problems with the staff at an all-hands meeting.

PS: He’s a good CEO.

Client Testimonials

"If a person needs to hire or manage somebody they should absolutely take this class. I guarantee that you and your company will be rewarded."

"How effortlessly you control a crowd – and no crowd too large! We estimated 160 people in attendance at the peak of the evening. Thank you for your key role in making this event a success. What a spell you cast on the crowd! They were on track and from our perspective, easy, responsive, and engaged."

"I very much appreciate your candor, encouragement, and practical teaching style. You are able to create such a comfortable atmosphere for learning and sharing. And you just gotta love an instructor who’s not too stuffy to giggle and snort!"

"Christine Silver’s words really give me a lot to consider as I improve my skillset as a leader, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and ally. I love how elegant her tool is and how it helps me prepare whenever I need to share positive and negative feedback. Christine’s decades of experience and real-life situations and examples are inspiring. We can be afraid of having a hard conversation and yet still do it, still heal ourselves.”

"I have worked with Christine Silver for more than 2 1⁄2 years and the time I have spent with her has been invaluable. I have had monthly one-on-one sessions throughout that time, and have also attended an 8 month Management Development Program with Christine at the helm."

"I have had the pleasure of attending a number of Christine’s training classes. She brings a vitality to her presentations that keeps them lively and interesting. I was never tempted to ‘nod off’ as I have been in most other training classes. Highly effective transfer of information and a cut-to-the-chase, no-bull style that was really refreshing."