My baby book says I wanted to be a teacher since age 6. Off to university I went to make it happen (well, not at age 6). One of my professors required us to volunteer in a classroom. 10 minutes in that 5th grade math class and I knew – WRONG career choice for Christine. Career counseling pointed me to Human Resources.

I got a job placing temporary employees, then recruited truck drivers for a transportation company (ask me about that sometime), worked my way up to manager of employee relations, then HR director for a music company and so on. A sensible, upwardly mobile path.

But I found that compensation studies and benefits calculations made me want to stick a pencil in my eye. Employee relations and performance management were my thing. I met a consultant who was doing very interesting work in developing managers, got myself a role in a bigger company as a training and development manager, and hired the consultant to teach me. Soon I went to work for him, then went out on my own. Silver Business Solutions was born.

Ten years of leading workshops and follow on coaching and I was ready for a change. I moved from the west coast to the deep south where there was family and cheap real estate. All indicators were positive for establishing my business in Atlanta and I was a case study in making all the right moves to get connected to clients.

Alas, it was not a good fit. I learned a lot about how the right actions can fail under the wrong conditions. I gained massive clarity about who I am at the core, who (whom? I get confused about that) I want to serve, and that you never, ever buy a house as soon as you hit town.

I survived two years in Atlanta. The big question was, if California wasn’t for me, and Georgia wasn’t for me, where the hell was I going to live? So I did what any practical, intelligent, professional woman would do: I googled, “Where the hell should I live?”

I took a quiz and Eugene Oregon was on my list of results. “Eugene? (say it dripping with condescension) What the…?” But something called me to look into it. I found that I knew two people there. I calculated the driving distance to my former home in California and found it good. I made a trip out and fell in love with Eugene. I moved at the start of 2018 and it fits me right down to the ground.

Oh, you probably want to see my credentials, not just the scintillating story of my life. Bachelors degree from San Jose State, certificate in Human Resources from UCSC, trained in conflict resolution by the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz, coach training from Coach Training Institute, public speaking training from Michael Port, and certification from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM CP) in the summer of 2018. And about a billion dollars spent on personal and professional development.

I’m also a public speaker and performer. “The Staff Meeting” video below is an example of stage work for fun blended with actual work. My favorite is when CEO Ken says, “Aargh.”  Enjoy.




Christine Silver

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